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Commerce Casino $1500 PLO Rebuy

I entered the 1500 rebuy PLO tournament which was cancelled – or at least replaced as the main event for today with a $500 rebuy NL Hold’em tournament. We had 11 players and 8 rebuys, for a $28,500 pool. I chopped for 2nd with Hassan Habib, who took first.

Notables at the table were Richard (“Quiet Lion”) Brodie, Charlie (“Scotty Warbucks”) Shoten, Lee Watkinson, who came in 2nd in the 5k PLO at the WSOP, and Jonathan (“Doodle”) Gallin, a 22-year-old player who’s quite sharp and who won the $1k PL Hold’em tournament last week at the Commerce. I hit a 5-outer once to stay in in the later stages, and in the early middle stages doubled up when I filled up on Lee.