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Bubba Singing to Zehda

Palliative care is a whole separate topic, I guess. I learned a lot about it as my mother’s parents were both in their final days, and some was good and some… not. I ran into too much condescension and talking around the topic. Argh.

Anyway, as we were assembling so 5 palliative care folks could explain what they wanted and meet the stubborn grandchildren and children who were pushing back, we grabbed a great video of my grandmother singing to my grandfather.

For context, she sang as she was being wheeled into the room. I got out the Evo I had just gotten for just such purposes and my sister Reena then asked her to sing it again. I started recording but had a call, so Reena kept the recording going.

Anyway, this captures a lot about their relationship and is very meaningful to us.

The video

Sorry, it’s off by 90 degrees. Will redo at some point.