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Bubba Singing to Zehda

Palliative care is a whole separate topic, I guess. I learned a lot about it as my mother’s parents were both in their final days, and some was good and some… not. I ran into too much condescension and talking around the topic. Argh.

Anyway, as we were assembling so 5 palliative care folks could explain what they wanted and meet the stubborn grandchildren and children who were pushing back, we grabbed a great video of my grandmother singing to my grandfather.

Funny ISP Stories

(copied from http://www.readnews.com/funny)

Story 1 ……. “The Smoking CSU – Avi Freedman, netaxs
Story 2 ……. UPS Delivers the Phone Bill” – Avi Freedman, netaxs
Story 3 ……. “The Dead T1” – Hillary (Gorman) Israeli, netaxs
Story 4 ……. “Are You The Internet?” – Hillary (Gorman) Israeli, netaxs
Story 5 ……. “Bell Lusers” – Hillary (Gorman) Israeli, netaxs

Collection of Luser Voicemail -

from when the office could fwd Bell Answercall messages to home phones of staff with digitizers :)

My Mother Died

My mother died in a tragic accident Tuesday night 4/5/05. We remember her and try to be better people in her honor.
From the Legal Intelligencer:
Partner-Pilot Killed in Air Crash
New York Lawyer
April 8, 2005

Woman of Valor

My father read this today at my mother’s unveiling.

We also read psalms, and the traditional El Maleh Rachamim and mourner’s Kadish.

I’m not sure the author(s) had in mind a professional woman like my mother, but this “Woman of Valor” still seems extraordinarily appropriate.